About Otter 501: A webStory

A bold, new way of storytelling, Otter 501: A webStory introduces the world of the sea otter, focusing on one abandoned newborn sea otter pup’s rescue, care, and eventual return to the wild. Otter 501: A webStory is a compelling and immersive experience that expands upon the story in the feature film Otter 501, with untold stories of her life and never-before seen footage.

What to Expect in the webStory:

The webStory is divided into sections that each have several pages. As you read through the webStory, each section will reveal a new photo and at least one new feature. There are many never before seen photos and video in addition to news, information, and fun stuff about sea otters.

How to Navigate the webStory:

Click on the left or right blue arrows to move through the webStory. To view a feature in a section, just click on the folder tab that interests you. Click on a photo or graphic to enlarge it. Videos can be viewed full screen, too. By clicking on the progress bar above the section title you can jump throughout the webStory.

About Otter 501 the Movie:

Winner of “Best Theatrical Film” at the International Wildlife Film Festival, Otter 501 the movie is a fresh take on the familiar nature documentary format. Otter 501 combines stunning natural history footage with clever, digital age storytelling. When an adventuresome young woman discovers a sea otter pup stranded on the beach and in desperate need of a second chance, an entire species’ survival gets personal. Watch the trailer here.

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