Executive producer and concept by: Mark Shelley
Project manager: Katie Pofahl
Producer and story by: Dan Linehan
Written by: Dan Linehan and Katie Pofahl
Media editing: Chris Siracuse
Web development: Friendly Neighborhood Design Company

Based on the feature film Otter 501:

Executive producers: Mark Shelley, ClintJones
Writer and producer: Josh Rosen
Director: Bob Talbot
Project manager: Arlene Burns
Edited by: Shirley Gutierrez
Original music: Mark Adler
Special music: honeymoon
Special thanks to Brooks McChesney, Denny Paul, John Pearse, and Ron Eby.
With great thanks and appreciation to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, including Karl Mayer, Michelle Staedler, Angela Hains, and the rest of the staff.
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